falastenee! falastenee! falastenee!!!!!!!!!

Fareed Bitar 01.12.09 at 9:37 pm

Hi, Jackie—

As a Palestinian-American I really appreciate the fact that you are shedding so much light on what is so freuquently distorted /blacked out by the mainstream media to protect vested interests.
Per your request for some of my poetry, I’m submitting an url for a video and my translation from Arabic a very powerful poem (I have others of my own I’ll send later). The video is of a young Palestinian girl, Khuloud, reciting a work by an anonymous poet which I think you’ll find it very moving. for the video (worth watching) please go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrmq53HfDLc&feature=related

Fareed Bitar


Filistini, my name is Filistini!
I carved my name all over the squares
with my unique hand above their addresses.
The letters of my name chase after me,
live within and nourish me.
Fire spews inside my soul and throbs
in my veins.
The river’s mountains know me;
its caves enrich me.
I summoned all my energy
and said to my nation, “Be created!”
Salah Al-Din is calling me from
the depths of my depth
and all my Arabness for vengeance
for liberty calls upon me.
My banners were folded
on the hills of Hiteeni,
and at the Dome of the Rock
the voice of the muezzin rallies the crowd,
“Save us! Save us!”
And thousands of prisoners of war
and thousands of the jailed
in the millions chant to the great nation,
Let’s go to Jerusalem, to the sacred shrine
of Qiblaa to a war that pounds cruelty
and wrings out the Zionist soul
and raise Palestinian flags up in the sky
over the universe,
my words spilling past me,
Filistini! Filistini! Filistini!

(Source: Anonymous; translation from the Arabic by Fareed Bitar)



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