…revised this poem after yesterday’s Rabbi Arik ascherman talk…


You birthed me

          You gave me

                   You suffocated me…

Yet I still smell you

In the Jasmine & Qurunful

In the streets of Gaza-Jenin-Nablus

Thirty years in exile

My umbilical cord

Still connected to you

I still dream of the casabas

I still dream of the Dome of the Rock

I still see the IDF soldiers

From my window

Breaking bones-Stealing

Killing civilians with their M-16’s

My name is everywhere I travel

In every Airport

In every police station

I am famous all over town

I always ask:

What have I done?

To deserve all the notoriety

The whole world thinks

I am a destroyer

In actuality

I am a lover-misunderstood…



         Give me hope

                   Give me sweet days again

                            Give me rivers of Banyass.

You told me,

You will come back one day,

You lied to me, big time.

I am still waiting for you

I am tired of tick-tock…waiting-waiting

Ya Mawtinii…3’ashiq-un- 3’ashiqun…        fareed bitar 06/09/09


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