Shministim emails back…

Dear michael,

Thank you for taking the time to send a letter to Israel’s Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak, about the Shministim. The Shministim are confident that tens of thousands of letters demanding their release will make a real difference.

We’ve generated 40,000 letters so far! The day of the action in Tel Aviv has happened, and it was featured on all three major news sites in Israel while generating news around the world. It’s impossible to convey the full scope of the impact this campaign has had in just a few weeks.

We even sent teams to Israeli consulates in major cities in the United States, though in one case, they refused to even accept our letter!

Far from being the end, December 18th marks the beginning. As long as there are Shministim in jail, we will need your letters of protest.

It has been a wonderful experience for us at Jewish Voice for Peace to work with the Shministim. They are real-life heroes, strengthened in their resolve to stand up against overwhelming pressure and all too aware that their counterparts in the Occupied Territories must endure far worse on a daily basis.

Please continue to tell your friends and family about You can put the web address in your email signature, post a web badge on your blog, tell your Facebook friends, put a poster on your door and more. Go to for ideas.

Let the world know that for the sake of both Israelis and Palestinians, Israel’s occupation must end, and that a new generation of young people is willing to go to jail to stand up and say NO.

On behalf of the countless people and groups working to free the Shministim,

Cecilie Surasky
Jewish Voice for Peace

PS Join JVP’s Facebook group:


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