What do I tell the Children of GAZA???

What do I tell the Children of GAZA???


While the children are wasting away

While the children are malnourished

What I am going to tell the Gazan’s

When I visit my homeland in December


Where should I visit?

The grave yards

The broken down places

The bloodied humans left behind

What do I tell the mothers & Fathers?

Who lost their entire families?

On the beaches-Harvested

In their homes,

While five girls playing with their toys

What do I tell the orphans?


Do I tell the Gazan’s?

To rise up once more and fight

Or should I fight for them this time

They are exhausted from the wars

What do I say to them?

About the electric fence

Holding them hostage

Do I beg the Egyptian Government?

To let the Thousand Gaza March IN

And not to listen to Uncle Sam & Netanyahu


Please I beg of you to let us in

We want to stand with Gaza

To let them know they are not abandoned

I am coming with open arms

What do I pack to take with me?

Pencils- Notebooks- good paper

Heard the students have no supplies

Israel will not allow it

They do allow Pasta though


Words are not enough to console my brothers

My tears fall,

When I see the destruction

When I see the dead

When I see the injured


I keep hearing the cries of the children

In my dreams

In my waking hours

I am so frustrated

I am Fatoosh

The injured flying bird

Broken down on the Eretz crossing

Where is the conscience of the West?

And the Arab world


I wonder what Tel Aviv people are doing?

Are they busy sunbathing at the beaches?

I wonder what Haifa people are doing?

Are they busy with their café’s?

I wonder what Jerusalem people are doing?

Are they deaf-mute & blind?

To the atrocities committed

Beyond the wall and the electric fence

Is the wall high enough for them?

Is the electric fence strong enough?

So Metula and the Negev desert

Will not hear the bombs raining down on Gaza

What do I tell Bi’lin?

While the IDF is conducting raids

In the middle of the night

Masked, so the world can’t see their faces

While committing crimes of humanity

And threatening that

They will come back again and again…






Israel is claiming that  

The Goldstein report is unfair

They are only defending their land

They don’t mean to kill innocent children

Its collateral damage

It’s for the sake of security


When will Gaza rise from the ashes?

When is Enough- Enough?

When will the people of Gaza  

Be able to go to the beach

Go to the parks and play

Go fishing

And live a dignified life

Just like their cousins-The chosen ones

On the other side of the electric fence…


by:  Fareed Bitar 10/20/09


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