Stranger at the door of hopefulness

Knocking, asking for forgiveness…

My tears soaking the bloody dead

My candle extinguished at dusk…


Flying over strange lands- Unknown to me

I am Fatoosh- the Flying injured bird-

Searching for HOME

Should I land on God Bless America?

The land of past massacres-Natives

Millions exterminated to make space for another


Or the land of the Euphrates

The land of being reverberated

By again the Bless you America

Or the land of New Zealand

Where East-Meets-West

And nothing much happens

Or the land of Afghanistan

Troop buildup-thank you Obama

Taliban on the rise in Wazirestan

Or the Land of Milk and Honey

My ancestors land

Those idiots that gave up my land

Or the lands of Nepal and Tibet

Once peaceful

And thanks to China-no more


I have been flying for so long

I need to land

I need you to give permission to land

So I can die peacefully

I mean land peacefully

Before being shot down

By the mighty IDF…

 by : Fareed Bitar  10/23/09.


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