clean clean slate

GAZA,,, Clean Slate,,,
Wondering what will be
Looking from my window
I see a gathering of a sort
10 Red Cardinals-Males
5 Brown-with red noses-Females
Chirping away-emergency meeting
They’re discussing where
Their next meal will come from
Threw the suckers some seeds
In case they’re hungry…
Humans go crazy
Over a blizzard of snow
Birds are just hanging out
Always cool about things to come
Few more days 
I am heading to Gaza
Along with 1400 delegates
From 46 countries
To be massed at the Eretz border
On the first day of 2010
To ask Israel to end the siege
To stand in the trenches
With my Palestinian brothers & sisters…
Packing my heart
Wishing the Cardinals are coming along
To keep me company
To give the children some hope
To tell them that beauty is around the corner
To sing for them
To read my poems to them
To let them know they are not left behind…
I should pack some cement
I should pack some electricity
I should pack some medicine
I should pack some Zepras
And some chikens as well
All in dire demand…
But for now
I am just watching the snow falling
I am listening to the howling winds
Outside of my home
At least I have a home
Gazans are still living in tents
Wishing the snow
Will take their pain away
Wishing them a clean slate…
                                                                             Fareed Bitar
                                                On the first day of winter-blizzard hit the tri state area…


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