green eyes of Aisha

Green Eyes of Aishah,,

roaming the streets of Gaza-Rafah
checking on a population under siege
I glimpse a stunning beauty with a Hijab
I chase her in the lobby
I chase her on the beach
swimming not allowed
don’t care if Hamas is a guard
don’t care about rules of engagement
don’t care about the pointless meetings
Instead I’m gazing into her Green Eyes
deciding what shade of green they are

she’s dangerous-you know
always gets what she wants
many times I said No-
she said please with her eyes
screamed at an Egyptian guard
for intruding on my Green Eyed Hurma (woman)
still wearing the Hijab

when the time comes to say
ma’a al-salaamah (good bye)
I could not turn my back
Insa’allahu we meet in Rafah
smuggled in a tunnel
under a white tent
so I can make love
to her green eyes
and find out what’s under the Hijab…

Dedicated to Aishah with the Green killer eyes…fareed.


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